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Micro Suction
Ear Wax Removal

Enjoy rapid relief for blocked ears with the expert care of a registered nurse at our ear cleaning clinics.

We use the safest and most advanced technique of micro-suction ear cleaning to provide you with safer and more effective results for your ears.


We are currently based at 7 convenient locations across Tasmania and NSW.

See below for more info and dates.

A Better Method

Find out why Micro-Suction ear cleaning is the most effective and safe method of ear wax and debris removal from within the auditory canal.

Who is eligible?

This method of ear cleaning is suitable for people:

  • from 5yrs upwards

  • using hearing devices

  • with grommets

  • with sensitive ears

How to book

Click the link below to easily secure your booking online or call the number above.


Ear 2 Ear is a mobile service regularly visits 7 locations (and counting!) across Tasmania and NSW.

Our main location is our Devonport clinic at the convenient Tamar Chiropractic Clinic where we have the most regular availability.

See below for upcoming dates

Or simply look online for available times and use our online booking site in the link below or call 0455 629 905 for a time

  Tasmania Locations

Devonport - Tamar Chiropractic Clinic
Weekly on Monday, or as required

St Helens  - Ochre Medical Centre,
September 2024:  9

Bicheno - Bicheno Medical Centre
September 2024:  13

Smithton - Smithton CHAC
June 2024:  24 


NSW Locations

Orange - Pinnacle Dermatology
July 2024:  16, 17, 18 
August 2024:  27, 28, 29

Dubbo - Dubbo Specialist & Rehab Centre
July 2024 :  22, 23
September 2024:  2, 3

If you’d like more information about our locations & dates give us a call

Ear Wax Removal

Traditional wax removal methods such as water syringe cleaning, risk ear drum perforation and infection.

The good news is that there is a new solution! Micro-suction ear cleaning is a superior method of ear wax and debris removal using new micro-suction technology. 


This method is safe, quick and no doctors referral is needed.

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Aural Hygiene course.jpg
What is Micro-Suction?

What is Micro-Suction Ear Cleaning?


Micro-suction ear cleaning is a relatively new method of cleaning the ears. It removes excess ear wax and anything else in the ear that shouldn't be there quickly and safely using an ultra thin, glass suction tube similar to a tiny vacuum. 


The assisting nurse will first inspect your ears using high-tech, Vorotek glasses which allows them to see clearly into the ear and remove wax carefully from the ear canal.  

Because micro-suction ear cleaning is a safer and easier method of ear cleaning, it is available for all people from the age of 5 and up as well as people who wear hearing aids as well as people with grommets. 

Image by Vinicius Wiesehofer
“I love being able to give people the gift of their hearing back.”

Heather Grainger, Principle Technician, Registered Nurse and Founder of Ear 2 Ear

How can we help you?


Symptoms of blocked ears


How can we help?

Natural excess wax production can be caused by a number of things like swimming, ear plug or ear bud use, lifestyle and other health reasons. 

Symptoms of blocked ears can be:

  • Hearing loss

  • Blocked feeling

  • Itchy

  • Painful

  • Ringing sensations

If you would like to visit our clinic to assess whether you have blocked ears, please reach out via email or call our phone number.

You do not need a doctors referral.

If we find ear wax or debris we will remove it using our unique micro-suction method which is a very safe, gentle and painless procedure.

Get in touch today to book a time.

Pinnacle Dermatology

272 Anson Street

Orange, NSW

0455 629 905

Pinnacle Dermatology

272 Anson Street

Orange, NSW

0455 629 905

Pinnacle Dermatology

272 Anson Street

Orange, NSW

0455 629 905


How often should I clean my ears?

It is recommended that most people require ear cleaning once annually, however our ear nurse will recommend a time frame that may be suitable for you.


If you don't have any ear wax or foreign bodies in your ears, you can walk away knowing your ear canals are clear at a reduced fee.

Doctors referral is not necessary.

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